ACD-arts (African Cultural Development) is a UK registered organization (No. 07671582) and mainly involved with African Music & Dance both contemporary and traditional. Formed in 2008 with a mission to promote and raise awareness of African art and culture in Folk Music, African drums and dances, Story telling, Acting and playing traditional African instruments. At present we deliver both traditional music and a blend of western musical instruments to create a world fusion music genre. Some of the traditional instruments we use are Adungu (Ugandan harp),  Akogo (Thumb piano), Amadinda (Xylophones), Ngoma (drums), Endigidi (tube fiddle) and many more; together with traditional costumes. Most of our songs, dances and drumming originate from Africa, Uganda particularly; and the artists identify and produce their themes of performances through showcases showing their ability based on their past and personal experience, even though other techniques are incorporated. We know that our art is a way of speaking out and exploring our inner most feelings. This also encourages us to deliver our heritage in form of entertainment and this lives in people’s memories forever. Creativity and fusion between cultures is encouraged too. Our dances from East African (Ugandan, Kenya, Rwanda...etc) are powerful, colorful, collaborative, exciting and energetic. 

ACD-arts is operated and run by a team of dedicated and talented people who are totally devoted to pursuing success and concerned for the traditional arts. We are always looking for new talent, new skills, new challenges, new ways of expressing art in music! Click on the link to download a membership application form.


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Each event is different and unique. Get in touch via contact-us page or by telephone to discuss your particular needs.

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